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Habitat Newburgh, local faith coalitions dedicate homes

Newburgh Habitat has completed 89 homes since its inception in 1999


Eagle Scouts and helpers spend Saturday erecting the fence
for the new Milton Landing Dog Park

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Westchester to join counties in lawsuit against Big Pharma

Sloop Woody Guthrie returns to Hudson after two-year restoration

Love Road Brownfields cleanup to begin

New barracks named for Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.

Incoming SUNY New Paltz class largest in college’s history

New Paltz man arrested with loaded gun, drugs

Spring Valley man arrested on bench warrants and other charges

Tenant found dead in Town of Poughkeepsie apartment

19-year-old man shot to death in Middletown

Newburgh may soon have its first permanent police chief in over two years

Rockland County to donate surplus medical supplies to Dominican Republic

Riverkeeper gets DEC grant to plan removal of several dams

Sheep used to “mow” DEP Catskill properties

Hunter Mountain fire tower rehab complete

Kingston’s Pike Plan Commission on the way out

Biker injured by hit-and-run car

Three teens arrested for burglarizing deli

Metro-North to make Upper Harlem Line improvements

Sullivan County wants residents to vote on new name for county nursing home


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