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Rent continues to outpace income in the region

Pattern for Progress, citing a national study, finds the income deficit ranges from about $400 in Sullivan to over $1,200 in Putnam and Rockland

All that is left of this large dairy barn on the Michel Farm in Swan Lake
are two silos. A raging fire leveled the building Sunday afternoon
killing many cows inside.

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Large dairy barn burns in Swan Lake, killing cattle

Blaze damages apartments in Poughkeepsie buildings

Phase two of casino resort project underway

Downtown revitalization applications due for third round

Appeals court upholds lower court’s ruling in wrongful death murder case

Circumstances of police-involved shooting death remain under investigation

Teen killed in ATV crash

Rodent bomb sparks blaze in old Godeffroy barn

Kendall 2018 County Clerk of the Year

Metro-North Railroad public safety program honored

Crystal Lake reopens to public in Newburgh

Newburgh offering free lead and copper sampling

Over 1,000 patients treated in Orange County medical marijuana dispensary


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