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Middletown man pleads guilty to manslaughter in beating death

Primitivo Sosa beat the victim, Celso Jimenez-Lucero, with his fist. The victim died the following day last September.


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Colorado man arrested with loaded AR-15

Ulster County launches Bystanders Against Sexual Assault program

US Senate votes to reopen government

MTA Board taking closer look at Positive Train Control

Home invasion robbery under investigation

Government shutdown continues; West Point under furlough

CPV is thumbing its nose at the public, says opponents

Handful of Dutchess legislators propose asking governor to stop Cricket Valley

Legislation would block insurance payouts to criminals like Graswald

Middletown to start planning for Downtown Streetscape project

Senior planner named in City of Poughkeepsie

Still without a fire chief, Newburgh begins new civil service search

Local civil rights leader wants to revive NAACP chapter

Woodstock Women’s March returns stronger one year later

Two Texans arrested in Orange County with 10K of coke

Fire destroys bowling alley

Catholic Charities, ShopRite replenish Hudson Valley food pantries

New Orange County parks commissioner named

Fishkill hotel to be converted to assisted living facility

"See something - do something" is theme of women's safety event

Hero cop receives commendation from Fraternal Order of Police

Teens charged with Port Jervis criminal mischief

Highland woman charged with DWAI and possession of drugs

Utility scam warning

Catskill Watershed Corporation funds Ulster County septic system repairs


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