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Guardian Angels founder addresses Highland Falls drug problem

Local resident Kathy Dagaev invited Curtis Sliwa to discuss solutions


Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, standing, was invited
to meet with Highland Falls residents Saturday to discuss how
to rid the village of its illegal drug problem

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Long-term Delaware River flow management agreement reached

State audit says Ossining school district over-estimated appropriations

Yonkers one of four in NY with perfect score on municipal equality index

Rockland County Bar Association rates judicial candidates

Rare and dangerous tick-borne Powassan virus detected in Dutchess

Sullivan Charter Commission hears mixed opinions on county exec

Marist poll: Majority of Americans believe Trump will go down in history as one of worst presidents

Lowey blasts Republicans for failing to fund health centers

Two arrested in fleeing vehicles

Couple charged with drug possession in East Fishkill

Anniversary of Brink’s robbery marked

Westchester protects oldest working farm

Pine Plains man arrested for burglary

Suspicious activity leads to drug raid at Montgomery motel

Illegal dumping crackdown in East Fishkill

Neighbors helping neighbors in Putnam County


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