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IBM to sell global commercial semiconductor technology business

The deal will include IBM's East Fishkill facility

New regional FBI headquarters, near Stewart Airport in
New Windsor, on track for opening next spring


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Teen charged with threatening to bring explosives to school

Poughkeepsie man arrested on felony drug charges

PA man injured when deer lands on the hood of his car

MW JV football canceled over reports of verbal bullying

New FBI office moves forward

No more C&D pickups by Westchester; town upset

Middletown wants to boost recycling

Dutchess to review potential airport operators next year

Ulster pushes harder against opioid abuse

Ulster to participate in statewide STOP-DWI Halloween Crackdown enforcement

Man charged with assaulting Ulster deputy

Ellenville Bloods gang member arrested on heroin sales charge

Clogged dryer vent starts apartment fire

Beware of phone scams, Sheriff’s office warns

County emergency services dispatching centers receive state grants

Disabled Vietnam vet gets full home makeover

Three arrested for BB shooting incidents and bowling alley robbery

NYC fugitive arrested in Ulster

Parole absconder arrested


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