Area council members denounce Trump’s ‘vulgar comments’

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MID-HUDSON – Two Orange County city council members said President Trump’s reported “shithole” comment referring to Haiti and poor countries in Africa was uncalled for.
Middletown Alderman Jude Jean-Francois was born in Haiti and he takes offense to the president’s remarks.
“I’m not really surprised,” Jean-Francois said. “This is not the first comment about Haiti, as I could recall, it’s about the third comment. It’s uncalled for, but it’s sad in a way.”
Newburgh City Councilman Jonathan Jacobson was also critical of Trump’s
“I am condemning in the strongest way the racist and vulgar comments on immigration from Africa and Haiti made by the president,” Jacobson said
“It is shocking to hear those words coming from a President of
the United States, but not surprising for this president given this president’s
history of birtherism against President Obama, his statements concerning
Mexicans and his remarks after the protests at Charlottesville,”
Jacobson said.
Condemnation of Trump’s latest remarks has come from a number of people from both sides of the political aisle although some Republicans who were in the room at the time say they did not hear the specific offensive word.  Others did hear it.  Trump later claimed he did not use the word.