New procedure for instrument departures at Westchester County Airport

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Changes will improve safety and won’t increase
noise levels

WHITE PLAINS – Beginning June 22, air traffic controllers at Westchester County Airport will be able to use a new conventional instrument departure procedure to improve flight safety at the White Plains airport, the FAA announced.
The new procedure will apply to all propeller aircraft that depart from Runway 16.
The procedure directs those aircraft to make a climbing right turn to a heading of 290 degrees shortly after departing the airport, a spokesman for the federal agency said. That will ensure that prop aircraft make a wider, more divergent turn after departure, so they are further separated from aircraft approaching to land on Runway 16, the FAA stated.
All multi-engine and jet aircraft already make wider turns to ensure they are safely separated from arriving aircraft to Runway 16.
The FAA conducted an environmental review and determined that aircraft noise levels will not change significantly.