Sullivan County moves ahead with broadband initiative

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Sullivan boradband map

MONTICELLO – The Sullivan Broadband Local development Corporation is making headway in the creation of a system to fill in the many gaps in broadband internet service throughout the county.

The LDC hopes to select a company through an RFP process to develop the point-to-point system, said chairman and County Legislator Michael Brooks.

“You have the equipment on the tower which will broadcast to a business or a residence that will put on their house a little receiving antenna and that will point toward that tower,” he said. “And then there will be a cable that runs off that little receiving antenna on the house or business that will go into the house or business just like your cable TV does and will hook to the equipment inside your house.”

County economic development officials say that one of the first thing companies that explore moving to Sullivan County ask is if there is broadband service.