Who’s afraid of Handmaids?

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Your article “Creepy scene at Putnam Legislature Meeting” revealed the sad fact that someone elected to serve on the legislature was “frightened” and had “horrible thoughts” after seeing five women in red robes and bonnets. These women were dressed as characters from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ a prize winning book, opera, film and television series which portrays women who have lost control of their reproductive rights and their right to speak. The legislators (who apparently cannot tell the difference between a hood and a bonnet) had no problem passing a resolution which contains numerous errors, untruths and sensationalist fabrications in order to call for repeal of portions of the Reproductive Health Act. They have no problem cutting off any meaningful citizen input to their deliberations, by permitting citizens to speak only about matters on that day’s agenda and only after they have finished voting. At their prior meeting in April 2, they apparently did not experience “horrible thoughts” when a supporter of their dishonest resolution revealed that his polarizing and divisive tactics were inspired by the tactics that led to the civil war a century and a half ago. The legislature has no problem with trying to take away our freedoms, preventing us from speaking, and endorsing inflammatory falsehoods, but they are too fragile to handle the sight of silent women in bonnets. It’s very sad.

Dwight Arthur
May 15