Brewster senior citizen wins $1 million lottery

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in the store where they bought the winning ticket

BREWSTER – Marty Posner is Putnam County’s newest millionaire. He admitted he was in shock when realizing that he had become a millionaire.
The Brewster resident was presented with a check for $671,800 by New York State Lottery officials Thursday at the Community Pharmacy in the Highlands Shopping Center in the Town of Southeast for winning the $1 million CASH4LIFE second prize in the September 13 game.
He matched the first five numbers drawn in the game.
Posner, 70, plays the Lottery every week. As a matter of fact, he won a $50,000 prize last December after selecting correct numbers.
What are Posner and his wife, Jane, planning to do with the money? Marty said “first and foremost, we are going to retire. Next spring we will probably move out west to a warmer climate where for 328 days the sun shines and the sky takes on the most beautiful shade of blue you can imagine. Winter here in the east is getting to my old bones.”