Highland town-village police task force may be short lived


TOWN OF HIGHLANDS – Last fall police in the Town of Highlands and Village of Highland Falls teamed up to create a drug task force, but it appears to be coming to an end.
The joint efforts, the brainchild of Highlands Chief Jack Quinn, had the approval of both local governments, but with the new administration in the village, Mayor Joseph D’Onofrio is not sold on the idea.
Former Mayor Patrick Flynn had signed onto the arrangement.
But, D’Onofrio said he is weighing the village’s options. Those may include asking Orange County to back them up when additional police services are needed. The sheriff’s office is typically called in to assist other municipal police departments on special missions, usually dealing with drugs and violence.
Town of Highlands Supervisor Robert Livsey would like to continue the
town-village investigatory relationship, but he concedes its future is
“cloudy.” Chief Quinn continues his support for the local
joint effort, and Livsey said the chief may continue his investigative
unit even if the village pulls out.

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