MTA approves fare hikes on Metro-North Railroad

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Peekskill train station

NEW YORK – The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board Wednesday
approved a new fare scheduled for the Metro-North Railroad and New York
City transportation services.

Since 2009, the MTA has considered and implemented fare and toll hikes
every other year.

The new fares on Metro-North will see an increase of four percent; however,
Metro-North Committee Chairwoman Susan Metzger, who represents Orange
County, said West-of-Hudson riders will see a two percent increase.

Service on the Port Jervis and Pascack Valley lines pay a combination
of MTA, NJ Transit and PATH policies, thus the reason to keep the increase
at two percent.

Metzger said no one wants to see fare and toll hikes, but they are essential
to fund the appropriate level of service for the people they serve. She
voted for the fare and toll increases.

Rockland County Metro-North Member Carl Wortendyke voted against the new
rates saying that his county has traditionally seen a value gap, noting
the service is far less than for what it is paying.

The increase on monthly and weekly tickets on West-of-Hudson service will
be capped at 3.75 percent and no more than $15. Other ticket types increase
over a wide range due to rounding to 25-cent increments; however, any
increase more than six percent is 50-cents or less per trip.