Gromack calls for inter-municipal agreement for stricter planning, zoning guidelines

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NEW CITY – Clarkstown Town Supervisor Alexander Gromack believes the town is not getting the cooperation and sharing of information pertaining to planning and zoning matters so he has proposed changes that would provide for that.
Gromack said current state law “does not meet the challenges facing municipalities in the 21st century; communities have a right to know what is being built in other municipalities just outside their borders.”
In some instances, he said the town has had to FOIL information from those municipalities so they can assess the any potential impacts on his town.
One of those instances was for a chicken slaughterhouse in the Village
of New Square.
“That’s right next to Clarkstown and while I spoke at a meeting, if that proposal were to go forward, we would like to be able to have all of the technical information – traffic, environmental studies, and we are not able to have that other than through FOIL,” he said.
Gromack has two other similar situations.
He is calling for meeting notices from board in adjacent communities should be shared; materials required by state law to be sent to the county planning department should also be sent to neighboring municipalities;   the county should supply geographic information system data for municipalities impacted by a project and the Rockland Municipal Federation should provide better communication among Rockland’s 24 towns and villages.