Former SUNY New Paltz student who was gang raped upset over lack of arrests


NEW PALTZ – Chelsea Gray, a resident
of Long Island, was a sophomore at SUNY New Paltz last year when she went
to a downtown bar with some sorority sisters on the night of March 2.
That turned into a nightmare for her when she was gang raped in her apartment later that night; her five female roommates were away for the weekend. The boyfriend of one of them walked her home and offered to stay in the apartment so she would not be alone.
After she got into bed, she awoke to find six or seven men standing over her bed and she felt drugged. Later she found what appeared to be a needle mark on her thigh and was told by authorities it might have been ketamine, or “Special K,” a horse tranquilizer used as a date rape drug.
As she drifted in and out of consciousness, she was gang raped.
“I know for sure that three men raped me, but I don’t know about anything else,” she told  “They could have all done it, but I can only remember those three.”
New Paltz Police Chief Joseph Snyder said on Wednesday “the case
is still open. We continue to work leads and sometimes that takes time.”
Snyder said they have interviewed everyone they could.
“We have not neglected the investigation at all,” the chief said.
Gray said she was told by the District Attorney’s Office that they
have four suspects. She was also told the attack may have been part of
a gang initiation and that some of the suspects are believed to be from
Poughkeepsie and Newburgh. In fact, some of her grandmother’s jewelry,
which had been stolen, was found at a Poughkeepsie pawn shop.
“I need justice,” Gray said, wanting to know what a year has passed and there have been no arrests. 

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