State audit critical of Tuxedo town bookkeeping


ALBANY – The state comptroller’s
office has completed a critical audit of the Town of Tuxedo’s financial
operations for the period January 1, 2013 through January 29, 2014.

The report said the town supervisor did not maintain complete and up-to-date
accounting records and did not provide the town board with detailed monthly
financial information. The audit also said the certified public accountant’s
audits did not ensure that financial records were complete and did not
properly account for justice court revenue.
It also said the bookkeeper has the ability to perform all aspects of
the disbursement process without oversight.

Key recommendations from the comptroller’s office include ensuring
that accounting records are complete and accurate and provide appropriate
monthly financial information to the board to help it manage town finances
and evaluate financial condition; reviewing previous accounting for justice
court revenues and making any necessary adjustments; and ensuring that
the bookkeeper’s duties are adequately segregated and establish
compensating controls as necessary.


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