Longest serving Orange County sheriff retires

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Sheriff Carl DuBois hangs accreditation certificate
One of the honors DuBois returned

GOSHEN – Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois, who served for 20 years, is retiring in one week and he said he came in as one of the least popular Republicans in the county and will be leaving as one of the most unpopular Republicans.

DuBois won his first election by defeating then-Sheriff Frank Bigger in a GOP primary.

He believes his popularity as he leaves office, is also on the low side. DuBois had backed his undersheriff, Ken Jones, to succeed him, but the party chose former sheriff’s office Captain Paul Arteta, who went on to be elected.

DuBois was so upset over what he felt was a betrayal that he returned all of the plaques and awards he was given by the party during his tenure.

“I bent over backwards for them, even maybe when they were wrong, and I was named Republican of the Year in 2018, but the person I would have like to have seen replace me, they basically just turned their back on me, so really, none of those awards mean anything to me anymore, to tell you the truth,” DuBois told Mid-Hudson News.

The retiring sheriff is proud of his accomplishments bringing the office into the 21st century – five accreditations, bringing millions into the office by housing Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees, creating special task forces and focusing on a school deputy program.

DuBois also noted that county audits of all of the sheriff’s accounts that he requested “came out to the penny.”