Eachus squeaks by with Assembly win

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State Legislature Office Building, Albany
Democrat Chris Eachus

GOSHEN – Democratic Assembly candidate Chris Eachus has been declared the winner in the State Assembly’s 99th District race defeating Republican Katherine Luciani by only eight votes.

The district represents several Orange County towns and Stony Point in Rockland County.

The tight race was decided only just last week when Luciani conceded.

As a former Orange County legislator Eachus said he knows how to bring home the bacon for his constituents.

“My first priorities are going to be being sure that I have the power to secure the resources for my entire district,” he said. “That is actually the reason I ran. I felt that we needed somebody up there that had legislative experience as myself and therefore could acquire the resources necessary to support all the programs that we have throughout the district and any others that need to be funded.”

Eachus is a retired science teacher at Newburgh Free Academy.

The final vote count is the race was 18,539 for Eachus and 18,531 for Luciani.