Port Jervis man guilty of breaking into ex-girlfriend’s home while armed with knife

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GOSHEN – A 38-year-old Port Jervis man pled guilty in Orange County Court on Wednesday to armed burglary for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home in Port Jervis and threatening to injure her.

Anthony Sorino’s guilty plea comes with a recommendation from the district attorney’s office that he be sentenced in October to 12 years in state prison and five years of post-release supervision.

Sorino had broken into the woman’s home on April 26 wearing a ski mask and gloves, carrying a roll of duct tape and armed with a knife.

The victim attempted to call 911, but Sorino took the phone and denied there was a problem.

The woman yelled for help in the background of the call and Sorino then threatened her, cut his own neck and wrists and fled.

Port Jervis Police responded to the 911 call and located Sorino nearby.

During the plea proceedings, Sorino admitted that he unlawfully entered the home with the intent to commit a crime and that while inside he threatened the use of the knife he possessed.

“The facts of this case are downright terrifying,” said District Attorney David Hoovler. “Thankfully, no one other than the defendant was injured, and thanks to the dedicated work of the Port Jervis Police Department, this offender will be removed from society for a long time.”

The DA said all victims of domestic violence should know his office will vigorously pursue those cases and that organizations like Fearless! Hudson Valley are here to help them.