Religious leader speaks out about racially motivated Goshen crime

Rabbi Meir Borenstein

GOSHEN – The Spiritual leader of the Chabad Center of Orange County spoken out about the hate crime perpetrated against the religious Jewish sect during an outdoor event on July 14.

An elderly Holocaust survivor was recounting his experiences during World War II when a man, later identified as Terence Davis of the hamlet of Wallkill allegedly drove by twice yelling racially motived language.

Rabbi Meir Borenstein said that people must learn to be tolerant and accept others.

“It really starts at home. Every person has parents. Parents have responsibilities to teach the children, to train the children what it means to tolerate and accept other people. It all starts with racial remarks and things like that, it comes from the home,” he said.

Davis was charged with harassment as a hate crime, disrupting a religious service, harassment and two counts of disorderly conduct.

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