Letter to the Editor: GOP denies removing signs


To the Editor:

I feel I must respond to the recent letter written by Mr. Gully Stanford with regard to the recent political shenanigans in Pleasant Valley regarding Lawn signs.  Had he removed his blinders he would notice that all parties have had sign removals. A couple of roads in Pleasant valley had ALL of the candidate signs from all parties removed including the signs in front of a candidate’s own house.

Before you rush to point fingers without any evidence at the opposition or label the culprits as Republicans or a basket of deplorable, you should take a step back and ask yourself: Is it possible the people of our community have had enough with signs, broken promises, accusations, divisiveness, name-calling, social media and politics on all levels of government?

November cannot come fast enough for Pleasant Valley.


Respectfully yours,

Michael Schroeder
Town of Pleasant Valley Republican Committee

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