Letter to the Editor: Foul play at the Pleasant Valley crossroads

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Dear Editor:

As your readers know from recent coverage, the town government of Pleasant Valley is struggling through turbulent times, which sadly has distracted the community from local priorities, such a racial tolerance, town water, expanded recreation, and the relocation of the Town Hall.

Your thorough and impartial coverage of the past year’s personality conflicts is appreciated…and has, I believe, encouraged caring citizens to engage in more constructive approaches to town planning and management.

One outcome has been the emergence of Team Pleasant Valley and Community First, a multi-partisan team of candidates, who have set aside their party preferences to form a united team dedicated to good, open, inclusive, responsive, and decent local government.

Unfortunately, this harmonious approach has triggered a rash of yard-sign removals and blockages on the part of the Republican Slate, which has reached epidemic proportions…entire groupings of Community First signs have been removed.

We do understand that these shenanigans are par for the course on the Dutchess hustings, but they only fan the flames of divisiveness and undermine efforts to cooperate in the interests of improved local government.

For those who care about the issues, there will be a live-streamed Pleasant Valley Candidates Forum on Sunday 5 October from 5 – 7 pm – details will be posted on Facebook at Community First – PV.

We urge all concerned citizens to join us.

Gully Stanford
Team Pleasant Valley/Community First

The opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.