Letter to the Editor: Delgado not standing against Israel

Dear Editor

During this time of upheaval nationally, there has been notable movement to address injustice systemically. One such hopeful movement was the local passage of an Anti-racism resolution passed by the Kingston City School District on Juneteenth. In this resolution, the District recognizes its role in “addressing social inequities in the world, country and in our own school district” and resolved to support initiatives “that will end systemic racism and provide equal opportunity and equal justice for all.”  BRAVO to KCSD!!

A far less hopeful sign has been the avoidance of our local representative, Antonio Delgado, to sign HR 2407 “No Way to Treat a Child Act”.  So, with the blessing of our government, Israel continues to automatically prosecute children in military courts. And, currently, Israel is planning to unilaterally annex part of the W. Bank. These actions lay the groundwork for Israel to become an apartheid state. This systemic and widespread abuse is supported with our taxpayer dollars (included in the $3.8million we give Israel annually).

Can you vision what we could do in this country to address equal opportunity and equal justice with those monies? Can you imagine what Kingston School District might do with additional funding to realize their commitment to anti-racism?

Please call Congressman Delgado’s office (202) 225-5614. Challenge his claim of concern about the militarization of our police contrasted by his refusal to address the ongoing abuse by the Israeli government.  Remind him “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

Defund the police, defund apartheid!

Cheryl Qamar
Saugerties, NY

The views expressed in this letter belong to the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.

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