Life as a ‘pre-quaranteeny’ in Pine Bush described

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Youth sports programs receive funding. File photo.

Mid-Hudson News has launched a “Student Journalist” section to allow elementary, middle, and high-school students to write essays or “news as they see it” for submission.  The following is an essay from one of our “Student Journalists”, Shea Toback.

PINE BUSH – This has been one really long, crazy month!  At first, I was almost happy, thinking we would have 2 weeks off of school.  I quickly then realized that this was a mess, a very serious mess.  This is the first crisis I have ever had to live through, that many of us have ever lived through.  COVID-19 has changed everything.

I loved going to school!  I miss seeing my friends every day.  I miss my teachers, sitting in a classroom, just all of it.  Now I learn online. It’s hard.  There are a lot of assignments posted, and I am learning to manage my time.  My teachers are being super helpful.  I used to hope that school would start again, but I am starting to realize that probably won’t happen.
I love to play sports.  I can’t be with my teammates.  I miss my soccer team.  My coach is pretty awesome, he posts drills online for soccer.  I should be playing softball right now.  The best I can do is have a catch outside with my Mom.
We pray every night that everyone stays safe and has enough food.  We will keep doing what we should, for the safety of everyone.
Student Journalist Shea Toback.
About the author:
My name is Shea Toback. I am a 6th-grade student at Crispell Middle School in Pine Bush.  I am 11 years old. I am a defensive end and goalkeeper for Team Ember, TWSC,  I can’t wait to play 2nd base for Team Finest, PBLL.  I love spending time with my friends.  I love golfing with my Grandpa.  I love Chinese food!

If you have a student that is interested in writing a submission, please send an email to Todd Bender at and include a brief bio and picture of the student along with a note from the parent giving us permission to edit and post the story and photograph.