Governor expects COVID-19 to peak in New York in seven to 21 days

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ALBANY – Governor Andrew Cuomo, Tuesday, said he expects the pandemic to peak in 7 to 21 days. As far as when will the decline would come, “It’s not going to be soon,” he said.

In what has developed into a daily COVID-19 briefing by the governor, he said the state has ordered 17,000 ventilators from China, but only has firm expectations on 2,500 of them. The prices have gone up to $25,000 per unit because each state is bidding against the other. 

“It’s like being on eBay with 49 other states,” and he called out FEMA, saying the federal government should have been the purchasing agent for that and the other medical and hospital supplies needed.

Cuomo also said all hospitals must work together, not region by region since handling the virus is a statewide issue.

The COVID issue has become personal to the governor. He revealed that his brother and best friend, Chris, a CNN evening program host, has tested positive and will be broadcasting his show from the basement of his home.