More fallout in wake of Councilman Shakur incident

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Newburgh City Councilman Omari Shakur curses out city officer who asks to see his driver's license on February 22, 2020

NEWBURGH – Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus has chimed in on the incident involving Newburgh City Councilman Omari Shakur and city police officers last Tuesday.

The police found him stopped in an SUV in the middle of Carpenter Avenue while on his cellphone and when they beeped for him to move and he ignored them, an officer approached the vehicle to learn it was Shakur.

That opened up a firestorm of cursing at officers including telling them he is their “f***king boss,” when they asked to see his driver’s license. He refused, telling them to “go ahead and f**king arrest me.”

(WARNING: This video contains vulgar language that is not suitable for children.)
(Police body camera video obtained by Mid-Hudson News)

“Elected officials are held to a higher standard and are supposed to conduct themselves as such,” Neuhaus said. “The police video from the City of Newburgh is very disturbing. Police officer’s don’t work for one man or one woman, they work for the people. Law enforcement is a dangerous profession as it is and officials need to set the example by showing them respect and support.”

Mike Loscerbo, vice president of the Newburgh City Police Benevolent Association issued a statement on behalf of the members. “Raymond Bryant ‘Omari Shakur,’ is a true racist, a horrible human being and does not represent the great people of the City of Newburgh.”

Meanwhile, Town of Newburgh PBA President Derek Campbell issued a statement on Saturday saying no police officer “deserves to be belittled and disrespected while performing his or her duties.”

He said, “to watch fellow officers be verbally abused by a politician, especially one from the very city they serve, is heartbreaking to say the least. Our members work on a daily basis with the brave men and women of the City of Newburgh Police Department, who are among the most professional, hard working and dedicated police officers.”

Campbell said the Town of Newburgh PBA “stands with the City of Newburgh PD.”

The union official said Shakur “preaches hatred to the city youth and that is clear on the way he spoke to our officers on that day. This is not the first time he has done this to our officers; it is just the first time that it made it to the media.” Mid-Hudson News obtained a copy of the entire police body camera video that should Shakur cursing out the cops and giving them the finger.