Molinaro signs animal cruelty prevention laws

Animal lovers, and one animal, look on with approval as County Executive Marcus Molinaro, right, and legislature Chairman Greg Pulver congratulate each other after the signing

POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County now has stiff animal cruelty prevention laws as County Executive Marcus Molinaro signed them on Tuesday. Both resolutions were approved by the county legislature.

“These two local laws will help prevent the mistreatment, abuse, and neglect of animals in Dutchess County,” he said during a signing ceremony at the Dutchess County SPCA offices in Hyde Park.

One establishes an animal abuse registry, restricting those who have committed serious animal welfare crimes to be banned from owning or residing with an animal for 15 years and be listed on the Dutchess County Sheriff’s website to restrict their ability to obtain an animal.

The other resolution establishes canine tethering regulations relating to shelter, weather conditions, length of time, and more to ensure the general welfare of the animal.

The Dutchess laws are similar to those adopted in Orange and Ulster counties.

Molinaro would like to see the protections go further.

“The next step needs to be for New York State to adopt both the tethering law and an animal abuse registry and that way no matter where you live in the State of New York, there are similar protections,” the county exec said.

Dutchess County SPCA Executive Director Lynne Meloccaro said the local laws “are important steps towards helping keep animals out of the shelter and in loving homes with people who can care for them properly.”

Legislature Chairman Gregg Pulver has “experienced first-hand the impacts abuse and neglect have had on many of the animals my wife and I have rescued over the years.”

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