Schmitt calls for fair share of MTA funding for West of Hudson commuters

NEW WINDSOR – Assemblyman Colin Schmitt called on the MTA to include a “fair share” of funding for West of Hudson Metro-North riders in the MTA’s 2020-2024 capital plan, which will be introduced this fall.

“Far too often, the priorities and needs of the west of Hudson commuters who utilize Metro-North every single day get ignored,” Schmitt said. “Orange and Rockland counties receive only 70 cents of service for every dollar sent to the MTA and our commuters are forced to deal with a public transportation system that is unaffordable, unreliable, and unsafe. This is completely unacceptable and it is time that our commuters stop getting a raw deal from the MTA.”

The freshman lawmaker said West of Hudson commuters “deserve better. It is of critical importance that we have adequate investment in this upcoming MTA capital plan to ensure safety, reliability and quality for west of Hudson commuters.”

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