Westchester lawmakers ‘ban the box’


WHITE PLAINS – It will now be against the law in Westchester County to ask a job applicant if he or she has ever been convicted of a serious crime.
The County Board of Legislators voted on Monday to enact the “ban the box” law for county and private business in the county.
All Democratic lawmakers with the exception of Michael Kaplowitz voted for the measure.
Republican Minority Leader John Testa called the measure “death by 1,000 cuts” for small businesses in Westchester.
“We all feel everyone deserves a second chance and businesses do that, but to legislate and create law after law that tells private business how to operate is the wrong way and is over-reaching at its worst,” Testa said.
Earlier this year County Executive George Latimer signed an executive order prohibiting county job applicants from being asked if they have been convicted of a serious crime.

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