Eight day celebration of Hanukkah underway

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Josee Wolff of Congregation Emmanuel in Kingston sings holiday prayers
while lighting
the traditional menorah as part of a Hanukkah event for all ages
held on Saturday

KINGSTON – Long before communities celebrated their festivals of
lights marking the holiday season, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah was
dubbed the Festival of Lights.

That is because for eight nights, a candelabra called a menorah is lit
to symbolize the reason for the holiday.

Way back in history, enough oil was available to light a lamp for one
night, but it burned for eight.

Many families give their kids one present for every night of the holiday.
Other traditions include a game spinning a top called a “dreidel”
and being given chocolate covered “coins” called “gelt.”

This year, the holiday began at sundown Sunday.