Westchester DA opposes termination of DACA

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WHITE PLAINS – Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino, Jr. said on Wednesday removing protections for people brought to the US by their parents under DACA, are troubling to law enforcement.  He said lifting those protections is harmful to police.
“It continues to discourage our immigrant communities from reporting
threats to their public safety out of fear of deportation,” Scarpino
said. “All immigrants are members of a community that are victims
of crimes that are perpetrated by people within their community and perpetrated
by people from without their community. They are easy targets and this
type of rhetoric and determinations continues to drive them further underground
and makes it impossible for us to protect them.”
The Westchester DA has created an Office of Immigration Affairs similar to that which Orange County DA David Hoovler created several months ago to address the issue of protecting the immigrant communities.
Scarpino said most DACA arrivals are “law abiding hard working individuals. Penalizing them is inconsistent with our core values as Americans.”
He called on Congress to address Dream Act legislation immediately “so these young people can continue to be productive members of society and enjoy the full benefits of American citizenship which they so richly deserve.”