No crime committed by police official alleged to have assaulted part-time cop

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GOSHEN – Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler completed an investigation into an April 3 incident in which a police officer, who serves part time in both the Village of Highland Falls and Town of Highlands, claims he was injured by village Police Chief Kenneth Scott.
Based on interviews of those involved in the incident, which occurred in the town police department parking lot and a review of a video recording by police surveillance cameras, Hoovler found no prosecutable offenses occurred.
The altercation was over a village police car that the police officer, who lives on Long Island, used to commute from his residence.
Scott and a sergeant went to the town station to retrieve the village car and the officer refused to relinquish it claiming he had not been properly notified that the vehicle was being reassigned and claimed there were confidential documents in it. When Scott attempted to open the passenger door, the officer forcibly tied to push it closed, precipitating a brief struggle over the door, which ended when the officer forcibly slammed the door shut.
Later, the officer reported he had been injured by the chief striking him with the door, maintaining he is out of work due to those injuries.
Hoovler said the video recording shows the officer slammed the door and walked to the other side of the car before retrieving items from the car and changing the license plates.
The DA’s Office was asked to evaluate the case to determine if any criminal conduct had occurred, including an assault on a police officer, and the DA found none.