Indian Point 3 shut down for refueling, maintenance

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BUCHANAN – Entergy’s Indian Point 3 nuclear power plant was
shut down Monday morning for its scheduled refueling and maintenance.
Unit 2 was refueled last year in the two-year rotating cycle of refueling.

The process takes about a month to complete with Entergy bringing in 1,000
additional workers to perform all of the tasks. That is on top of the
1,000 full-time Entergy employees at Indian Point.

This is the second-to-last refueling outage at Unit 3 before shutting
down permanently by April 30, 2021. Unit 2 will conduct its final refueling
and maintenance outage next spring before it shuts down permanently on
April 30, 2020.

Entergy is investing close to $100 million at unit 3, including about
$80 million on salaries and expenses for full-time and supplemental workers
to complete the work.