Poughkeepsie signs on with county hazard mitigation plan

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Hurricane Sandy, unofficially labeled a “Superstorm” was the biggest weather disaster of 2012, leaving few places untouched.  Poughkeepsie was no exception.
Dutchess County has put together a master plan that makes municipalities that sign on eligible for federal funding to recover from such disasters. 
City Administrator Deborah McDonnell told the common Council Monday night this is something the city needs.
“If you think about the city and all the different hazards that can potentially happen to our city and the federal and state funding that can be available to us for recovery, it is important for us to put a plan together that says this is how we’re going to handle various situations and different hazardous situations in our city,” McDonnell said. 
Funding would flow to jurisdictions in proportion to impact. 
No argument among council members, who approved the participation on a unanimous vote.