One of America’s most wanted criminals may be in New York


Ramadin and his wife

\NEW YORK – One of America’s most wanted fugitives may be
in New York State and the US Marshals Service is looking for him.

Former Hampton University student Jihad Amir Ramadan is wanted for allegedly
stabbing another college student to death in 2005. He has evaded capture
for more than 11 years. He recently turned 30.

Ramadan’s last known address was in New Rochelle and authorities
believe he fled to his home state shortly after the stabbing. The feds
said there are indications his family has been instrumental in assisting
him to evade arrest over the years.

US Marshals are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying
the woman in this photo, which was posed on a social media account in
2007. A reward of up to $2,500 is being offered for information leading
to Ramadan’s arrest.

Authorities said the photo appears to show Ramadan getting married about
two years after several warrants were issued for his arrest. The woman
in the photo is not suspected of any wrongdoing, but the Marshals want
to talk to her about Ramadan.

It is believed the wedding was held in New York or New Jersey. And investigators
said Ramadan is likely to have assumed a new identity and may still live
in the US, but it is possible that he has fled the country.

Records show he was born Justin Faustin, but his family later changed
his legal name to Jihad Ramadan. The family has relatives and acquaintances
in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and
California, and also has ties to the Caribbean, particularly Trinidad.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call the US
Marshal Service at 800-336-0102.

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