Wallkill cracks down on water abusers


TOWN OF WALLKILL – Town of Wallkill officials are cracking down on water abusers.  Residents of the Woodlawn Acres area of the town have been under voluntary water use restrictions for two years as the town continues its search for additional sources to supplement the limited water supply in the area.
But, on Sunday, Supervisor Daniel Depew signed an executive order restricting
the outside use of water with stiff penalties.
“Because one or two residents left sprinkler heads on all night long, the entire well source of water was run down to zero and over 11,000 gallons of water were lost, so the executive order is telling everyone that effective immediately if you are caught sprinkling your yard, washing your car or doing any of the things that are not necessary, you will be arrested,” Depew said.
Town officials spent Sunday hand-delivering notices of the executive
order. The arrest would be on a misdemeanor charge.
The town has been drilling for new wells over the last two years, with no success so they have decided to run water lines from a nearby area to that neighborhood. 

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