Two unsolved murders plague Poughkeepsie Police

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Rolison, podium, with acting Chief Pape, Det. Lt. Clark

POUGHKEEPSIE – Police in Poughkeepsie continue to investigate two unsolved homicides this year.
The most recent murder, just days ago, was solved with an arrest within 14 hours of the shooting of Davion Reed. His alleged killer, Jermaine Johnson, 37, apparently walked up to the victim, who was sitting in a car and shot him several times in the head and body.
Acting city Police Chief Tom Pape Thursday discussed the two open murder
cases – Caval Haylett in March and the death of Reed, which happened
on Tuesday, and two other active homicide investigations regarding Haylett,
18, a high school athletic star who was killed on March 8 and David Cline,
51, a contractor who was killed on July 25.
Cline, of Ancramdale, was found killed inside a home at 4 Edgar Street after he had gone to the McDonald’s on Main Street, said Pape.
“If you saw him we would like to track his moves from that McDonald’s back to Edgar Street,” the chief said.
The stark contrast in the shooting death of Haylett was that he was standing with a large group of people near 104 Winnikee Avenue around 10 p.m. when he was shot. 
“We know that there were approximately 25 to 30 witnesses at that scene,” Pape said.  We would like someone, anyone, if they saw anything, to call those numbers.”
The police department’s tip hotline is 845-451-7577.
Mayor Robert Rolison called all three murders tragedies.