Village of Goshen to provide water and sewer services to Legoland


VILLAGE OF GOSHEN – The contract has yet to be drafted, but the Goshen Village Board approved a resolution Monday evening to provide water and sewer services to the proposed Legoland theme park in the Town of Goshen.
Mayor Kyle Roddey said any new water sources would be paid for by Merlin,
Legoland’s parent company.
“For water, the village is going to develop new wells on our property
in the Town of Wallkill. Right now we have the Crystal Run well that we
use,” Roddey said.  “We believe based on preliminary
engineering that there is additional water on-site. We have to do more
engineering; it’s not finalized yet. If the engineering works out,
Merlin, a/k/a Legoland is going to pay for development of that additional
well. There is not going to be a cost to village residents. It will be
water that the village is not already using.  They would pay for
water and sewer an amount based on flow expectations would probably exceed
$900,000 for the village.”
Approvals to build the park must be secured from the Town of Goshen. 

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