Ulster County ramps up efforts to attract tech entrepreneurs

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Hein: “… acknowledge just how special this place is …”

KINGSTON – The venue was a new women’s dress shop in Uptown Kingston – Karina Dresses, a business that recently relocated from Brooklyn. Business partners Karina Cousineau and Garnet Heramen welcomed a store overflowing with county officials and local business people to hear County Executive Michael Hein’s newest plan to attract New York City tech sector entrepreneurs to Ulster County.
Hein wants to get the message out that metropolitan New York residents and business people can do business from Ulster without losing any business, and gaining a better quality of life.
“Part of my job is as cheerleader of Ulster County and I think I like that,” the county exec said.  “I like to be able to be to acknowledge just how special this place is, how amazing it is for business and be able to work with great partners every step of the way.”  
Hein rolled out a new video telling the story of business people who have successfully relocated to Ulster and inviting others to see what the Hudson Valley county has to offer them. The message will be delivered with the video, websites, advertising in social media, print and online, as well as event sponsorships and showcasing some of Ulster County’s top festivals and events.