War on police has locals on their toes


Van Blarcum (file): “… we have to
figure it out”

KINGSTON – Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum is looking for an explanation, a reason, why police officers are now being targeted by terrorist assassins.
The sheriff’s comments come following the shooting deaths of three police officers in Baton Rouge and the earlier murders of five officers in Dallas Texas.
“I really don’t understand it; I don’t know who is provoking this,” Van Blarcum said. “All lives matter; not only black lives. I don’t get what is bringing this on.”
Last year, Van Blarcum urged everyone who is licensed to carry a gun to carry it at all times, if they feel comfortable doing so.
“What is happening in the world now had nothing to do with that comment and I still stand by it,” the sheriff said. “I would love to have everybody who is comfortable with it, is proficient with it, to carry their weapon if they can. But that would not have changed anything in Louisiana; it wouldn’t have changed anything in Dallas either. I don’t know what is making this all happen, but we have to figure it out.”
In the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office, sworn officers are required to wear bulletproof vests. 

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