Rolison creates Poughkeepsie Arts Commission


POUGHKEEPSIE – Mayor Robert Rolison announced Friday that he has created a Public Arts Commission for the City of Poughkeepsie.  He said at a recent common council meeting he intended to do this.
The new commission holds the purpose and authority to advocate for the role and value of arts and culture in civil life by expanding community awareness and the presence of art in various ways.
Linda Marston-Reid, executive director of Arts Mid-Hudson, praised Rolison on his executive order to create the city’s arts commission. “The commission will promote public participation and strengthen the local economy by attracting and promoting local artists, encourage cultural tourism, and create opportunities for training and employment in a range of creative fields,” Marston-Reid said.
The commission will consist of seven members – three appointed by the mayor, three appointed by the common council and one appointed by majority vote of the commission. 

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