Minister to challenge Skartados for Assembly seat

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Banuchi: “… it’s
about values”

POUGHKEEPSIE – The President of Marriage and Family Savers Institute in Newburgh and executive director of the New York State Chapter of the Faith and Freedom Coalition has officially thrown his hat into the ring for state Assembly. Rev. Bill Banuchi is a registered Conservative, challenging incumbent Democrat Frank Skartados for the 104th District seat.
Banuchi believes the key issues on the state level are life, marriage
and religious liberties. Those are in jeopardy, he claims, particularly
when it comes to religious liberties, he said.
“One of the reasons why I entered the race was when I saw the current assemblyman sponsored a bill make what me and my wife actually do for a living illegal,” Banuchi said. “They call it a conversion of therapy bill, which said that if a minor came into my office voluntarily and wanted help to live a straight, heterosexual life because he felt tendencies in the other direction and if we helped him in that regard, it would be a felony.”
If that happens, it would “totally violate our religious liberties,” he said.
Banuchi said this race is not a Republican-Democrat race. “It’s not about parties, it’s about values,” he said.