Newburgh criminals being called in for program

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NEWBURGH – Police and criminal rehabilitation agencies will be sitting down with accused criminals in Newburgh tonight (Tuesday) in a second “call-in” offering them a way out of a life of crime.
City Manager Michael Ciaravino said they will be given an opportunity to straighten up their act by toeing the line.
“The goal of the call-in is to basically say, ‘look, we’ve been watching you; here’s what we have in terms of evidence against you,” Ciaravino said.  “These are the crimes for which you can be charged, and we are willing to hold off for one very important reason; you need to comply with a series of very strict conditions.”
Those conditions are delivered by a number of social agencies along with the police and district attorney, Ciaravino said. If an alleged criminal agrees to enter the program and does not comply, they will face prison time.
Police said the first “call-in” effort held last year was successful to the point of persuading a number of suspects to agree to the program.