Ulster grand jury to hear case of officer involved fatal shooting of New Paltz man


KINGSTON – A Town of New Paltz man, who held police at bay last October following a domestic violence complaint, died earlier this week.
John Tozzi had barricaded himself inside a residence on Route 32 South, firing a high-powered rifle through a metal door narrowly missing a police officer. He fired at least eight more rounds at the police as they took cover behind their vehicles. Three patrol cars were struck.
During the standoff, as Tozzi approached a back window, an officer fired one round and struck him in the chest. He was taken to a Westchester County hospital where he remained until two weeks ago when he was transferred to a local medical facility, where he died.
Ulster District Attorney Holley Carnright said as with all police officer involved shootings, he will present this shooting to a grand jury. That, in no way, reflects an opinion one way or the other regarding any wrongdoing on the part of the officer, he said.
After the incident, the DA chose not to file any criminal charges against Tozzi, but intended to present the case to a grand jury seeking an indicted for attempted murder of a police officer.
Had charges been pressed immediately, the county sheriff’s office would have been responsible for providing round the clock security at the hospital and would have potentially been responsible for the medical expenses incurred for his treatment.

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