Ronk to lead Ulster Legislature


Ronk, enjoying his new leadership role

KINGSTON – Democrats, on paper, hold a one-member majority on the Ulster County Legislature, but it was Republican Kenneth Ronk who got the nod to lead the legislature for the next two years.
Ronk quickly pledged bipartisan leadership.
“Time is right for the legislature to come together as a body rather than dividing into groups, be it Republican and Democrat, big spenders or cheapskates and even friends or enemies,” the chairman said.
Ronk said the last two years were productive and bipartisan, but the next two years can be “even better.”
The 12-11 Democrat majority is based on party registration. 
Long-time Democrat, Richard Parete, son of the Democrat chairman for the past two years, John Parete, was dumped by the Democrats and ran on the Republican line, winning reelection in November.
The vote for Ronk was 14 to 9, with Democrats Richard and John Parete, and David Donaldson, another former chairman, voting with the Republicans.