Schumer stands by using American air power, not ground troops, in war against ISIS


MIDDLETOWN – As the war against terrorism continues, there are those in some circles who believe the United States should put more boots on the ground in the Middle East to take ISIS On head-on.
US Senator Charles Schumer, in Middletown late last week, was
standing by his belief that the US should just supply the air power and
not get into a ground war.
“That’s what ISIS wants,” the senator said.  “They
want to make it a war between the West and Islamic fundamentalism and
we don’t want that. We should rather use reconnaissance, intelligence
and the drones to take out their leadership and for boots on the ground,
it’s much better to have indigenous people; the Kurds will be good,
the moderate Sunni Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt can contribute
troops. We should have the air power, but we should have the troops.”
Overall, Schumer said the US and its allies are making progress in the war against ISIS.