Middletown movie sound stage expected to boost local economy


MIDDLETOWN – The Michelson Studio II, believed to be the largest movie sound stage facility in New York, was shown off Friday.
Eric Michelson, a New York City movie studio owner and professional photographer, has completed renovations on a 60,000 square foot facility in a former railroad car repair building in downtown Middletown.
Mayor Joseph DeStefano believes it will be a major shot in the arm for the city.
“We hope that this will not only increase investment into the city, but also the side businesses – the lumberyards, which are heavily used for production, the restaurants, the food service industry, the hotel and motel business because when people are here, they need to stay in hotels – so we hope that number of $1 million makes a significant increase based on this studio,” DeStefano said.
Michelson said he has invested some $500,000 in rehabilitating the old building and making it suitable for moviemaking.

Michelson, with DeStefano, right, and Common Council President Miguel Rodrigues


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