Newburgh police body cams to go on line soon


NEWBURGH – Police officers
on all shifts in the City of Newburgh will be wearing body cameras within
All 20 devices that had been ordered have arrived and officers are being trained in their use, said Chief Daniel Cameron.
“In the initial 90-day pilot, we had four cameras,” Cameron said.  “One was for training and three were assigned for patrol, one per shift. We’ve gone to the next step which is 20 total cameras, which will outfit our patrol officers on each shift. So right now, the cameras have arrived; our IT department has set them up here at the police station. All of our officers are going through in-service training where they are learning how to use the camera. We’re going over the policy.”
The camera program will go live at midnight on November 1.
Use of body cameras has the support of the city council, administration and community-at-large.

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