KJ Village Board approves annexation

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KIRYAS JOEL – Annexation
of land from the Town of Monroe into the Village of Kiryas Joel is one
step closer to becoming a reality.  The village board on Sunday approved
the annexation petitions for both the 507 and 164 acre petitions.
The board also adopted a positive findings statement in response to the final generic environmental impact statement.
The Monroe Town Board will vote tonight (Tuesday) on the annexation and
if it approves the petitions, they go to a vote of the people living in
the property proposed for annexation.
The process began some two years ago when a group of homeowners in the Town of Monroe petitioned to annex 507 acres from the town to the village.
“Now that this long and rigorous process has come to a close, the Village of Kiryas Joel thanks everyone who participated and helped ensure a thorough and adequate review of the potential impacts of annexation,” said Ari Felberman, the government relations coordinator for the village.
It is expected that the Monroe Town Board will approve the petitions,
although there is a strong opposition group opposed to them maintaining
they will drain town services and overpopulate the area.
Annexing the full 507 acres would effectively double the size of the village.