Kingston approves $20K for Uptown parking improvements


KINGSTON – The Kingston Common Council approved $20,000 in bonding for Uptown parking lot improvements. The lot is located at 21 North Front Street, the site of the city’s former parking garage.
An additional $20,000 bond was also passed Tuesday night to improve the entrance to the parking lot on Fair Street Extension. The direction of traffic will be reversed to allow cars to enter the parking lot directly from the Stockade District.
Eventually the city plans to reverse the entire direction of Fair Street, bringing traffic into the Stockade instead of away from it. Wall Street will be reversed as well to compensate for the altered flow.
Alderman Brian Seche of the Second Ward said the decision creates a shortcut for motorists, who otherwise would have to drive over a mile around the block to get into the parking area.
“It will do a lot to improve the traffic control Uptown and certainly result in a lot less confusion for visitors to the city,” Seche said.
First Ward Alderman Matthew Dunn agreed calling it a “good addition” for Uptown.
“I was especially glad to see that the Uptown business organizations that advocated for what they want and we followed through with their requests,” Dunn said.  “We also know that we need additional steps Uptown to improve some of the traffic patterns Uptown and that includes the reversal of the street as called for by the Uptown Stockade Transportation Plan.  This is a good addition for Uptown. We need more.”
Dunn said the Uptown Business Association, Pike Plan Commission and Kingston Farmers Market all support the parking and traffic improvements.  

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