Newburgh unveils mobile police station


NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh Police Department unveiled their mobile police station Thursday afternoon. The unit, purchased from Peekskill Police Department for $40,000, will create new opportunities for Newburgh police to patrol “hot spot” crime areas effectively and will also allow them to connect with their community through its use in community events and its available access to the public.
Acting Police Chief Daniel Cameron said the vehicle cost the city nothing.
“Half of it was from a private donor and the other half was Department of Criminal Justice Services, who we work with for grant funding and one of the parts of our grant funding is ‘hot spot’ policing,” Cameron said.  “We put officers in areas that are prone to high violence and now we have a vehicle we can put there also as almost another station; bring the police station to the crime.”
Last weekend there were two shooting deaths in Newburgh. Chief Cameron said when it comes to violent crimes, “one is too many,” but this new mobile police station will offer a huge advantage towards mitigating future violent crimes in the city.   

“… bring the police station to the crime …” said Chief Cameron


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