Officials provide “brief-ing” on Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory project

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Final reconstruction and renovations to the former Underwear Factory building in Poughkeepsie should begin this summer.
Hudson River Housing held a session for the public Wednesday night to discuss the progress of their $7 million project, which is part of their Revitalizing Middle Main effort.
The session was held at TD Bank on Market Street in the City of Poughkeepsie. TD Bank has contributed $100,000 to the project that is creating an artistic and cultural hub in the heart of the city.

Hudson River Housing Director of Community Development for Elizabeth Celaya, center, and Real Estate Director Mary Ling

The new Underwear Factory will include interactive workspace for artisans and local culinary businesses, art demo/work areas and even residential rental spaces on its top floor. Wednesday’s session announced that the design schematics are in their final stages, all funding is in place and final construction will be ready to begin in this summer.
Mary Ling, the real estate development director for Hudson River Housing, said having the funding in place is proof that their dream of the project is finally able to come to fruition.
“When you have to raise $7 million to build a building you can dream all you want but unless you have your partners and funders and other stake holders right there with you, which we always dreamed we would have, but now we’re sure that we do and we’ve got these commitments,” Ling said.  “So, we’re full steam ahead and that’s the first time we’ve been able to say that.”
Director of Community Development for Hudson River Housing, Elizabeth Celaya, said this project has been a testament to public and private partnership coming together to better their community.
Although the final construction phase is due in July, Hudson River Housing Executive Director Ed Murphy said that finding commercial tenants and “attracting energy and attention to the commercial side of the project” are HRH’s immediate next step. Murphy said that there will be a number of sessions specifically aimed at educating and informing possible commercial tenants in the months prior to construction.