Amedore introduces legislation to establish term limits for state lawmakers


ALBANY – State Senator George Amedore (R, Guilderland), whose district includes a portion of Ulster County and Greene County, has introduced legislation that would impose term limits for members of the state Senate and Assembly to six two-year terms in either house. The legislation would take effect in January 2017.
Assemblyman Mark Johns (R, Rochester) is carrying the bill in the Assembly.
Amedore acknowledged that getting the bill passed in a Democrat-controlled Assembly may be a tough sell.
“I don’t think a lot of these legislators who have been here for decades would like to try to pass legislation that is going to vote themselves out of office,” he said. “But the people of New York State need a fresh perspective, we need to be innovative and responsive to the people and the issues that have plagued New York for so many years, including the high cost of living and the need for good paying jobs to revitalize the economy, is a must.”
Amedore pointed to the legislators in recent years who have been indicted or convicted of illegal activity. Most recently, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was forced to step down from the post he held for over 20 years after being arrested on federal charges.

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