Sullivan County organizes job training efforts


MONTICELLO – Job opportunities are going to grow exponentially once the massive Empire Resorts casino-resort project gets underway and Sullivan County officials are banding together to prepare the workforce for the opportunities.
Sullivan County Partnership President Marc Baez said they are partnering with the Center for Workforce Development and other agencies.
“We are looking to create what we like to call a workforce ecosystem where we are going to put together our industry partners and bring the resources together so that we can be able to be responsive to the needs of not only the casino development, but some of the other hospitality-oriented and tourism-oriented development that is going on at the Adelaar primary location and to begin to look at some of the other ancillary businesses that we expect to be following as well,” Baez said.
The casino-resort project is expected to be up and running in a little over two years, but Baez said he is already receiving interest from developers wanting to explore other hotels and tourist facilities. 

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